Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's have a Kiki

It is time for another tour of a home I love.

This week, we are visiting my cousin Kiki’s home in La Grange, TX. 

Kiki's home is kind of hill country, funky western, Texas. People from Texas may be the only one to get these references, but I think everyone can appreciate where I am going with this description once they see the pics.

What I love the absolute most about Kiki’s home, and trust me there is a lot to love, is that first and foremost she makes her home about her family. She has three beautiful children and a great husband. They are a very active family. When it comes to her house and décor, she really thinks about functionality. She doesn't get hung up on the small things and knows that what's important about the home is the love and family relationship inside.

Kiki is in the thick of decorating her home and is far from finished but I wanted to go ahead and feature her home because I was just blown away by the amazing, thriving, loving family that lives there. You can feel it in very space of the house.  Plus she could never change a thing and the home would be perfect the way it is. Incidentally Kiki’s house is a perfect place to have a kiki, as my mother, aunts, granmother and I found out this past weeknd. (If you don't know what a Kiki is, it is a gathering of friends with intent to sit, chat, gossip and to have a great time)
I only took a few pictures, but I feel they are worth sharing.
So follow my mom inside!
The impressive entryway is so large and grand that it is hard to get a good picture of it with an IPhone.  I know y'all, I am working on getting a real camera!

Here are some pictures of some of the highlights in her kitchen.  I am sick with myself that I didn't get a full kitchen shot.  It is very warm and inviting and just the kind of place you want your kids to do their homework and eat their meals.

Look at those doors to the left!!!!  Swoon.

I didn't get an updated picture of her formal living room, but I do have an older one that I will share with you. I stole it off her Facebook.  This is before she had beautiful plantation shutters put in the tall, grand windows. She was still rocking the drapes in this pic.

My favorite room is the sunroom upstairs.  Cute right?

I love how Kiki puts so much into her children.  She and her husband make a huge effort to make things special for their kids and give them experiences and memeories that will last a life time. The effort they put into their children's rooms reflect this as well.

My Grandmother, Nana, made the princess dress art piece above the faux fireplace mantle. What little girl wouldn't love this? 

We were thinking it would be fun to decopauge inside the fireplace with flowers.  I think that will be adorable. 
Speaking of adorable, the pink guitar hanging over the left bedside table, my mother made that special for Kiki's youngest daughter. 

The horse head on the mantle was inherited from Kiki’s father and she painted it an antique pink to go with the room.  I love how the girls have a piece of their grandfather with them always.  Y’all know how important pieces from family members are to me. Details like this matter and make a room special to those who inhabit it.
The Cheshire Cat above the desk is left over from Kiki's eldest daughter's nursery.  I have pics of that nursery that I have saved all these years....check it out!!

So fun.
Kiki's husband is a pilot and I love how she has nods to her husband's profession throughout the home.  Here are a few examples, first in her son's room and again in the family room.

Poor little G man broke his arm while we were there. Here is a vignette from his room that I love.

Ok. So for the pièce de résistance , drumroll please......the backyard!!!


How much do you want to hang out here!?!
That adorable little person you see hopping around in the backyard pictures is obviously my cousin Kiki.  She has a zest for life that I have never seen in anyone else, ever.  She squeezes every drop out of every single day and her husband and children benefit from it.  It truly is inspiring.  When I am a mother, I hope to give my children half the energy that Kiki provides her family on any given day. 
I will bring you updates in the future of any other progress on the interior.  Cheers to my fun cousin and her beautiful home!  Love you cuzie.

Y'all come back now ya hear!

Seriously, who wears bloomers and looks this cute,


Pssst....If you like taking home tours, make sure to check out my Nana's home right here! You won't be disappointed!


  1. I am in love with that backyard!

  2. Wow! What an amazing place! I love the little details all over. You're right about the horse in the little girl's room. I should try to think of ways to do that. Her backyard space would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing :).

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