Friday, November 29, 2013

The Princess Epidemic

As you shop and drop on this Black Friday, I have a fun suggestions for the little girls in your life.  GoldieBlox.

Personally, I have never understood the obsession with being a princess or wanting to be treated like one.  When I was little I never pretended to be a princess and rarely played with baby dolls.  I pretended to be a news anchor, mad scientist, archeologist, lawyer, Pipi Longstockings, a magician, a sleuth, a potter, marine biologist, librarian and an international spy.  I wasn't a nerd at all.

Remember Spy Tech?

I had all that crap.

GoldieBlox would have been a dream come true for me.  It teaches girls about engineering, building, creating and spatial visual ability.  Toys, such as Lincoln Logs, that teach this ability have been geared only toward little boys for over a century.

I am sure most of you have seen the Youtube sensation commercials for GoldieBlox.  The commercials', set to Queen's "We are the Champions" and The Beastie Boys' "Girls", portray little girls fed up with their limited toy options in the Pink Aisle and gears them toward learning about engineering in a fun way.  Look up the Golideblox commercials on Youtube if you haven't seen them.

I am not saying anything is wrong with little girls who dream of being a princess. I just think it is wonderful that someone is taking notice that there are little girls out there who have other interests, like me when I was a child.  Anyone else remember Natural Wonders????

That store was BOMB!  I would spend hours in there when I was little.

If you have a spare moment, check out this speech given by the creator, a Stanford engineering grad, of GoldieBlox.  She explains the developemental and thought process behind the brand. Very inspiring.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this with y'all while you are out and about searching for that perfect gift for the kick-ass little girls in your life.

Shop till you drop,


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am probably sleeping right now since we most likely got to Colorado in the wee hours of the morning.  I just thought I would pre-schedule some turkey day love since I won't really have computer access over the holiday.

I wish you all a wonderful day full of turkey, family, friends and love! 

I will miss my own family but I am so thankful to have amazing in-laws that welcome me every Thanksgiving and for a chance to see friends that we don't often see.  And, of course I will be enjoying my MIL's amazing feast that she always creates. Just look at last year's spread!

Yum, amiright?

Soon to be a stuffed giraffe,


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spiced Apple Cider

As I mentioned on Monday, my husband and I made spiced apple cider this past weekend to warm us up and get us in the mood....the holiday mood that is. 

It was so yummy and easy that I thought I would share the recipe with all of you. 

4 cups apple cider
1/2 cup orange juice
2 apples
1/2 orange
1 cup spiced rum
Cinnamon Sticks
1 teaspoon Cinnamon powder
(note:  We thought this was a little too "orangey" so we added more apple cider to cut it - about a cup, I think.)
1. Over low heat, combine cider and orange juice. 
2. Cut the fruit into thick pieces/quarters and insert the cloves to taste.  We put about 5-6 cloves into each piece. 
3. Combine the fruit, cinnamon sticks, powder,and rum into the pot, stir, and leave on low heat for 10 minutes. 
4. Serve in coffee mugs or insulated cups

We purchased this brand of sparkling apple cider, but I am sure any of them are fine.

When it came to the Spiced Rum, we used some that we bought a few years back from our favroite Colorado distillery, Breckenridge Distillery.  It is soooooo good. And comes in the cutest bottle. 

Speaking of Colorado, we are headed to Colorado after work today to spend the holiday with my in-laws.  We have a long, over-night drive but it will be worth it. Not only do I get to see them, eat great food, relax and shop but I will also get to see three of my besties that live in Denver.  The Fella will get to see some of his besties too!!!!  Although, I am pretty sure he doesn't call them besties.

And since I am not going to be home for Thanksgiving, I will not be setting a table.  But if I was, I would do something like this in the middle of the tablescape.

This is something my group of Junior League girls put together last year for a project.  Just wanted to share some inspiration with you!

I am too excited to sleep!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disco Fever!

I have made the most embarrassing and frivolous purchase....but I love it.  And it is just in time for the Holidays. Disco baby!!

A few years ago, I ran across pictures of this Christmas tree...
The Bower Power
 With a disco ball for a topper!!!
The Bower Power

I thought it was genius, pinned it and moved on, leaving the picture among nine million other pins that I am instantly obsessed with and then forget about.

As a few years passed I, like most of you out in blogger world, started seeing more and more disco balls pop up in home decor. I loved the idea but it became like lip print art and chevron rugs, meaning that "everybody" was doing it and well, I usually skip over those trends even if they are great.

And then, in early September, we threw this party and twenty or so times while party planning I thought to myself how fun it would be to have a working disco ball up in our garage during the festivities. So I started scouring the internet only to find that I wasn’t the only one looking. Folks on eBay and Craigslist had wised up to this trend and the prices were inflated. Well, y'all know me. I am a deal seeker. I NEVER pay full price for anything. It just isn't in my DNA. .

I held off thinking that I for sure would run across one at a junk shop or flea market. And I a 10'' one for $60 at the Junk Gypsy store and a $400 one at another flea market. B**ch, please. I know, I know, it was from the 70's and legit but oh hell no.

I had given up on my idea and was waiting for the trend to completely pass before buying one.....and then I saw this picture....

The Nester

And plotzed.
Must have.  Must jump on trend.  Must conform.  Must have before Christmas.  They can add so much holiday festivity to a room with almost zero effort.
One of my favorite home decor bloggers discussed her recent purchase, here, and after reading that, I decided to really search hard and take the plunge.  I found a big one on eBay for less than $40! actually works and came with the kit and everything. 
Look at these inspiration photos...

The Hunted Interior

Dimples and Tangles
I decided to go with the 16'' rather than the 20'' and when it came in the mail I was shocked at just how big 16'' is.  It was way too big to go on top of the tree but luckily I ran across a $10 tree topper option at Hobby Lobby.  So now I have a little collection going.  Look at how festive they make our tree with one on top and one on bottom.

No we just need to add the ornaments and some ribbon up top.
Also, how cute is this Christmas duct tape DIY???

I've got the fever,


Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Holy Monday Batman. 7:30am doctor appointment in Downtown Dallas on our first day of sleet and freezing. Big mistake. What usually would have been a 45 minute delay in my day turned into a 3 hour delay. Gross.

But I had a fantastic weekend so I choose to focus on that by linking up for Sami's Weekend Shenanigans!

We went to a Texas Legend's game with friends where we got enjoy a pre-game meal and auction with one of our heroes and co-owner of the team, Donnie Nelson...

And courtside seats. We had no idea our friend's season tickets were courtside. We were totally caught off guard. Courtside at a D League game kicked fourth row at a Pro Game's ass. These guys play their hearts out as opposed to NBA players who coast until spring due to such a long schedule.  Also, my husband is an awesome photographer as evidenced below.

Saturday, I had plans to go to a few holiday markets with a friend but the drizzly weather made me do this...

All day.

Saturday night, I met girlfriends at the Ritz for dinner and bevies. We watched a friend's baby while she was in a wedding at the Ritz. It was a fantastic time and great people watching. Also, Jessica Simpson was there and she called "our baby" precious.

Sunday, I got to visit the scrumptious child...

We also went to Ikea where I bought some fun things for Christmas. The weather was predicted to turn really bad around 2 so we hustled to the grocery story for the cider ingredients, brownie mix and Chex Mix ingredients. The Fella makes the best Chex Mix.

I added some hanging crystals to my chandie in the kitchen and I love it.

We had not planned on decorating fully for Christmas until after Thaksgiving but we were locked in the house with five hours to go before the Bronco game (the Fella's team).  So.....we gave in. 

Sneak peek...

Tune in tomorrow to see what I am doing with some early presies that came in the mail for me on Friday.

It says Fragile...must be from Italy. #achirstmasstory

Bundled up in holiday spirit,

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fashion

My life in fashion, lately...

Laid back Saturday

H&M Sweater and Necklace, BR skirt, Target flats
Riding Boots Sunday

H&M flanel, The Gap jacket, BT necklace, vintage R cufflinks worn in button holes

The GAp skinnies

Vintage ivory tie pin with engraved whale work on lapel

Black And Brown

H&M lace top, Leather Skirt

Corso Como booties, H&M top, Antonio Melani textured pencil skirt, Simply Vera necklace (very old),



Target top, Old Navy pencil skirt, BR pumps, SarahBriggs opal earrings

Vintage pearls

 Date Night to the Mavs Game

Calvin Klein navy patent purse, Tory Burch boots, H&M necklace and top, not sure about leather jacket, WalMart Skinnies ($7 and have lasted longer than any of my pricey ones)

Friday Casual...
Tory Burch boots, Old Navy vest, H&M sweater, F21 necklace

Girls Night Out....that ended by 9pm

SarahBriggs earrings, H&M babydoll dress,The Gap jacket, Prada Boots, BR clutch, vintage bracelet, Anne Klein watch