Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pictures are worth a thousand words.....

So I just discovered Pinwords!  And for the next week my life will be as productive as that first week I discovered Words with Friends……not productive at all.

At first I couldn’t think of any captions for any of my pics and then out of nowhere they started flowing.  Luckily I have some great models for inspiration…like this cutie….

And my parent’s dog, Ladybug….

And my little cousin…I came up with a million captions for this picture, but here are three of my favs.

And here are my great-grandparents….
Here is the Hubs in San Francisco...
And here he is again...please don't hate me husband...
Oh gosh I am gonna pay for that one!!  Tee hee.  I have a lot more but I will spare you...for now.
I leave you with a picture of myself and one of my own quotes.....I explained this one here.
Can you think of any other captions for any of these pics?
Be blurry and prosper,

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