Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I will....

Today I am linking up with The Daily Tay (she's the bomb, y'all).  Her link-up has a theme for dreamers.  Which I like to think I am, me and John Lennon.

Someday I will…
Someday I will…use the food processor, food steamer, placemats, napkin rings, Kitchenaid stand mixer and all of the other cool crap we got for wedding presents four years ago and still haven’t used.
Someday I will….write a book.  Even if nobody else ever reads it.
Someday I will….NOT run a marathon (I am releasing this dream.  Not gonna happen)
Someday I will….stop cussing.  Probably when I have a kid...speaking of which…
Someday I will….have one of these.  Maybe two.
Someday I will….learn how to do my make-up and use the good stuff.  Not just the cheapest make-up at Walgreens and hand-me downs.  (I have had the same eyeshadow for about 8 years and I not joking.  Gross, I know)
Someday I will...stop considering Facebook as my official wedding album and actually make a real one.
Someday I will….purchase a big girl camera and learn how to use said camera therefore enhancing the experience of my readers (mom) and stop passing Insatgram photos off as "blog worthy photos".

What?  That filter doesn't look profesh???
Someday I will….stop eating Taco Bueno.
Someday I will....get over my fear of all things shark.  Except for the real ones swimming in the ocean...
Someday I will…..wake up in time to fix my hair for work every day. Ponytails no more. 
Someday I will…figure out what I want to do with my life.
Bascially, Someday I will...grow up.
But not today….
Today I will…recognize the gift of today.
Today I will…remember how lucky I am to have a job, a roof, a relatively safe car, a best friend, hilarious parents and a husband who has no problem cooking, doing laundry or ironing.
Oh yeah that reminds me…
Someday I will…actually bother to iron my clothes.
Just becasue you're tall, doesn't mean you are grown,


The Daily Tay


  1. I will never iron or run a marathon! And sadly I will probably not ever do my hair. I just don't do it, ever. Not good.

    I'm totally on board to write a book!

  2. what is this iron you speak of?? :) Great list! I want to have a fancy camera so bad. Instagram can only help so much ha!

  3. awesome blog. gross makeup!!!!!!!seriously???? all those great clothes and necklaces and that FAB job and you wear that nasty ass makeup?

  4. Rocking a ponytail for the second day in a row to work today! No shame :)

  5. Today I finally woke up in time to do my hair. My co-workers must have been shocked when I didn't roll in with another messy bun this morning. And I'm with you-- I've used my food processor a grand total of once.

  6. It is can be hard to focus on the gift of "today".....I'm always working on that and not just living for my plan that is farther down the road :). Thanks for sharing.

  7. never ever ever grow up! no. and can't wait to see the halloween DIY!

  8. When you have those babies you will actually use the food processor/steamer/fancy kitchen things to make them baby food. Win win!

  9. I need a big girl camera in my life too - Instagram filters always make me look like an oompa loompa! LOL

  10. Who knew so many of us women were clueless about makeup?!!?

  11. I've considered quieting my foul mouth but I'm pretty convinced that once I have kiddos I'll be cussing even more... in my head, under my breath, in the bathroom, etc. ;)