Thursday, August 29, 2013

She get it from her Nana.....

It is Thursday!  Let us rejoice!  Friday is just around the corner! 

Is anyone else out there sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus and the tounge that got away?  And her talent that was never there?  Me too.

It is way more fun to discuss the new idea I have for the blog.

I would love to start and keep up with a little segment where I fawn and gush over homes I love.  I would prefer that these people that I highlight be folks I know but I am sure there will be an internet/magazine find that I love so much that I have to share it as well.

I don’t plan on doing this weekly or anything, but from time to time, when I find one I really love. There is nothing like stalking someone’s home with your camera or begging for them to send you pics of their home.  An awkward turtle moment for sure.
The first house I would like to share with you is my most fav house and it belongs to my Nana.  I mentioned in my post, here, on Monday that my Nana is one hip lady.  And how much I trust and appreciate your taste and design style, here.  She is truly talented, unique and inspiring. 
Here are a few pictures of my Nana.
Aunt Gigi, Me, BFF Slash, Nana, BFF Heat and Aunt Birdie in Paris 2008

Mama, Nana, Aunt Gigi and Aunt Birdie at the Arc de Triomphe 2008
Nana and I at my bridal shower 2009
Mama, Me and Nana at my Breakfast at Tiffany's shower 2009

Nana, Me, Peanut, Mama and Aunt Birdie in New Orleans 2013

What other 80 year old wears all white in the middle of the winter and looks better than everyone else in the room?

Isn't she so glam and fab?!  Her style in dress and home decor have had a huge impact on me.
I only have a few shots of her house, but I think you will get a sense of what she is all about design wise. She is so funky and eclectic.
Here home is very hacienda, meets European, meets Southwestern.

The ladies in our family love them some Paris and we like to find ways to pay homage to our favorite city, see pillow below.  There isn't one room in my house where you won't find at least one reference to the City of Lights. 

She ties in so many elements that she loves with no thought to if they "work" or "fit in".  She just includes things that she has come across in her travles that she cannot live without.  That is totally my style as well. 
That coffee table is an old farmhouse dining table that she cut the legs off of, she invented the idea of "make it work".
Our family, although not Catholic, find comfort in having the Virgin Mary in our homes. I collect blue ones of course, as does my Aunt Gigi.

We like to find a way to incorporate the beach and water into our homes as well.

How sick is that mirror?  Nana made it herself!!!

As I said before, my Nana, as well as the other women in my family, are a huge influence on my style. Here are just a few examples of where you will find her popping up in my home.  Sorry for the cruddy phone photos.
Her influence can be seen in the above Mary bust, horns and art purchased on my trip to San Fransisco last year.  Also in the Mary's below.  My Nana also taught me to display my necklaces as art.

Bringing the beach indoors.

And here she is in my sister's home.  My mother made this awesome headboard out of an old door for my sister.  You can see Nana in the Virgin Marys', southwestern pillows and the crosses on the wall.  Also, in the yellow wall color.

One of the many things I am happy that she has taught me is to collect art on my travels. Nana's house is covered in art that she has collected over the years. From Italy, France, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, New York, New Orleans, etc. Her life is hanging right there on her walls. I have taken to doing this as well. I will have to show y'all my collection one day. But is about 1/10 the size of Nana's collection, but that's ok. She has about 50 years on me.
Lessons I am happy to have learned from my Nana:
1. Art is what makes life beautiful.
2. Don't forget the beauty nature has to offer.  You can walk outside and find a million beautiful things in the trees, on the ground and in the air.
3. Buy, pick up, dig out of the trash, create and surround yourself with the things you love.  Don't worry about convention.
4. Your home is never finsihed. It should keep changing, growing and evolving with you.
Working on that fabulous part,

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing pics of your Nana's house! I remember hearing about how great it was. It is very cool how she brings in so many eclectic elements. I love that she collects things on travels too.

    - Love ya!