Monday, October 7, 2013

Backyard BaByQue Couples Shower

It is about time I share some pictures from the Backyard BabyQue I hosted at my home a few weeks ago.

The shower was a couple’s shower for my college teammate and roommate. I love this girl like a sister and our husbands love each other like bros. We really wanted it to be special.

Besides how can you not reward behavior like this at our wedding from the Daddy-to-be???

And how cool of the Mama-to-be was it to surprise me in New Orleans for my Roaring Out of My 20's 30th birthday party this year dressed in a vintage flapper dress???!!
She had a bun in the oven and didn't lnow it yet!

Plus we just love these guys.

Ok so, as I explained back in this post here, I went with a pink and blue theme for a little spin on the traditional blue and red bar-b-que them.  I also added in rustic touches here and there to give it that backyard bar-b-que feel.

We used the hot tub as the main serving space.  I covered the hot tub with butcher paper and then glued cute baby themed wrapping paper around the edges to give it a table cloth feel. 

I used old wine crates, watering cans, a pepper plant, mason jars and succulents to add a little "outdoorsy" in the mix.  These were things I already had in the backyard.

Another example of a rustic "backyard" touch was using a wheelbarrow and galvanized bucket to hold gifts.

Please excuse the dog crate in all of the pictures!  We removed it before the party.....I hope.

The drink station was my favorite area of the backyard...

We served a mixture of drinks on top of a vintage bar filled with bar supplies.

The seating was simple; we covered long tables with butcher paper and then ran wrapping paper down the middle as table runners.  We topped the tables off with pink flowers in blue mason jars.

And now for the most delicious part of the evening......the cake.

In case you cannot read the top of the cake, despite my amazing picture taking skills, it says "Bun is in the oven! Burgers on the grill!"  How cute is this cake???  And look at these orange dreamsicle cupcakes.

So cute and so yummy.  If you are in the DFW area a need a cake and/or cupcakes, look up my girl Lane.  You can find her on Facebook, her page name is Obsessions Bakery.  Or you can just shoot me a message and I will hook it up.

The most fun area of the backyard was our little make-shift "Guess the Gender Photobooth"...

Guests were provided props that allowed them to put their two cents in on what the gender of the baby would be...and it was really a good time!

Just a few fun examples! 

All in all it was a fun night.  The fella was happy because the beer pong table was broken in....until 3 a.m.!!!

Class.  Pure class.

Thanks to the ladies who threw the shower with me!  Y'all were so amazing and worked so hard!

Now mommy and daddy to-be, close your eyes real tight and make a wish.....

....for the baby boy or girl of your dreams!  We love you!

So excited to meet Baby "G"!