Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The old man is snoring

It is raining here in Dallas. A lot.  Which is good for a couple of reasons.  1) We have had a few drought years, so rain is always met with giddy happiness around here. 2) We won’t have to pay to water our lawn this week and 3) The best reason of all….it brought the temperature down 30 degrees!!!  We went from 90 degree weather to 60 degree weather in two days.  I am not sure how long it will last but I am going to enjoy it while I can and take advantage of my chilly weather clothes as well.

No, not a plastic poncho?  How about a lightweight coat?  There are rarely chances to wear lightweight coats in Texas. The spring and fall are never really chilly here. We usually just skip straight from hot to cold to hot again. Today was the perfect opportunity to bust one out. It needed to be appropriate for work and also be rain resistant. I knew the perfect one.

Everyone is familiar with one of fashion’s go-to gals…the LBD. The Little Black Dress. God bless Madame Chanel for making this a staple in women’s fashion. High praise! I could write a novel on my adoration of the LBD. But today, I wanted to take advantage of the chilly weather to highlight the LBD’s cousin. The little black coat. The LBC, if you will. Everyone has one, or should anyway, yet it gets significantly less play than its touted cousin.   
I bought this baby a few years back for a trip to Paris (the most perfect city ever for lightweight coats).  I am the baby giraffe with the green scarf.

I got it on clearance at Banana Republic so you know it was a GREAT price.  I love her.  I, of course, named her Audrey.

Doesn't she just look like an Audrey? I love her perfect little mod, 60's swing coat silhouette.  She can be dressed up or down easily and of course black goes with everything.

Have you seen Blair's little black coat?  It is also from BR. 

Look at those sleeves!  I swoon every time she wears it.

Do you have an LBC?  What else do you have in your closet that you adore but rarely gets a spin around town??
Come stand under my umbrella,


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  1. That is a super cute coat! I have a black cape that I brought out today for the cooler weather in Nebraska :). Cute look!