Monday, October 28, 2013

All T Swift's Exes live in Texas....

Happy Monday my lovelies.  Did everyone get dressed up for spooky activities this weekend?  We sure did.  We went to a party at a friend’s house where costumes were a must!

As I talked about here, I prefer to create costumes out of the clothes I already own and by maybe purchasing one or two props rather than buying a costume ready made in a bag. 
The Fella came up with a couples theme for us this year and I was really impressed with his idea.  It was really fun.
We were Taylor Swift and all of her exes.

We got rained on a little but it was a great night!
Last year we were Joan Harris and Don Draper of Mad Men.
Fun times.
This year my niece and her boyfriend went with us and they were the Queen of Hearts and a Card.  And her precious little dog Lua was a shark.
My favorite costumes of the night were worn by two of my girlfriends and their husbands.  They were the Golden Girls. 
Fantastic right???
I have to take a minute to talk about a part of my costume.....the T Swift Bangs....

This one is blurry, but it shows the bangs well.

These are clip-ons!  Don't they look so real?  They are from ULTA and they were fantastic!  I will wear them again, I think.
Ok, I have to take one more minute to show y'all my adorable 7 month old neice.  My sister-in-law made her costume....

I am not biased or anything but is she not the most adorable child you have ever seen!?  Snow White has nothing on this baby.  Like I said, not biased.
On Sunday, we laid around, watched football and carved our pumpkins....
Did you go to any parties?  Have a fun costume?  See any great costumes?
Have a great and spooky week!



  1. You look fantastic!! I can't believe those bangs are clip-on!! OMG!! Makes me want to grow my bangs out and just use clip in ones instead!!

  2. You looked so great! I never would have guessed that those were clip on bangs. And holy cow is your niece the cutest little Snow White ever!!

  3. haha omg I love it!! this was really creative!