Tuesday, July 1, 2014


We got to see our little Moon Pie on the big screen last week.  She was a moving and a shaking.  However, she was upside down.  And nestled firmly in the lower left side of my uterus…and she wasn’t coming out for nothin’.  No matter how much the technician poked her and prodded her with the wand on my belly.  Moon Pie would just kick the wand and curl back up.

Here she is upside down….
Can’t figure out what you’re looking at?  See her spine at the top right of the picture?  Follow that to the right.  That’s her head.  The left of the spine, her hiney and then legs.  My mom and hubby came with me to see her.  It was awesome sharing that with my mom.  She was so excited. 
What else are my mom and I up to these days? Nursery decor of course!!! My amazing mother and niece scrapped the popcorn off the nursery ceiling, painted the ceiling a fresh white, painted the walls a beautiful pale pink, painted the interior of the closet and it's shelves a bright white as well as all of the trim, base boards, molding and doors. How awesome are they?  Very.


Here is the ceiling after: See the difference in the wall white and the ceiling white? The celling looks so fresh and so clean.

And here are the walls after:

We don't have the overhead lighting up yet so it is tough to get an accurate picture of the color of the walls.  Right now we are also waiting on the curtains.  A neighbor is making them for us.  Here is the fabric.

The curtains were the one big price item for the room but I thought the fabric was worth every penny.  And when I say big price I mean around two hundred for the fabric, blackout material for behind the fabric and the price to have them made.  Y'all know me.  I do things inexpensively.

We are going for an urban bohemian feel in the room.  Sort of a feminine, world traveler with clean lines.  A few weeks ago my uncle passed away.  He was an attorney by trade but he was an amazing artist and photographer.  My aunt gave me a copy of one of my favorite prints of his.  I just woke up one morning and realized that this beautiful print should be the inspiration and focal point for the nursery.

It is hard to tell from the picture but the woman's dress is an aubergine and so is the mat around the print.  A beautiful deep, navyish purple.  It looks black in the picture.  I LOVE HER SO.

Here is a quick peek at my favorite project so far, this little beauty of a dresser/changing table.

Here she was as we found her...

She was pretty beat up but had very promising lines. I will do a how-to on her soon.

Here are few more pics of sweet little details around the room.

More on these later.  This week the curtains should be done and we will get them hung as soon as they enter the house.  I cannot wait!!