Monday, September 30, 2013

Round Top Round-Up

Hello again friends!

How is it possible that it is Monday again already?
I am fully exhausted from my trip down South to see my family and to do a little junkin’ at Antique Weekend in Round Top, Tx.


Once my mother and I arrived, my cousin took us straight over to the grand opening of the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters store.
It was all that I imagined and more….

My cousin's beautiful kids


It was packed to the gills with hour long waits at checkout.  We didn’t wait in line to buy anything because my cousin lives so close and can go back and get us whatever it is we wanted later this week.  Also, the clothing and accessories are online.
It is worth a visit!  People came from all over the world for this and I can promise you that they were not disappointed. 
We also shopped the antique market in some of the worst heat we have ever endured.  The humidity was something else.  We are pretty tough junkers and have shopped in 110 degree heat and rainstorms.  However, the humidity was something like I have never experienced. We lasted about half as long as we usually would but it was still a great time with some fun finds. 
I found my husband this bright orange R to go out by his BBQ pit.  We have a collage of fun random stuff out there.

My mother found this unbelievable hornets’ nest.  It is bigger than my head!  So cool.  And a little gross.

I added another blue Mary to my home.  She isn't antique or even old, but I just love her! Her new home is in this cool old telephone/ponebook holder overlooking my pool.

I also got this thing......

I know what you and my husband are both thinking.....Wtf?

But up close you can see the cool old, bent nails...

This thing is oging to look amazing up on the wall covered in necklaces. I promise.

My nana found these little guys to add to her beautiful home.

My cousin found a new boyfriend....

I found a few more things as well but my most favorite of all are these lime green athletic lockers. 

My mom is going to use them in her craft room for now.  Once I have kids, I will be stealing these.

The rest of the time was spent at my cousin's and my aunt's beautiful homes chatting away while consuming massive amount of fried catfish, BBQ, dessert and wine.
Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Junk Gypsy and Antique Weekend

My weekend starts in about an hour and a half.  My mother and I will be headed South to visit family, including my Nana (see her beautiful house here), and we will also get to head to Antique Weekend in Round Top and Warrenton.  I am so excited.  For those of you who don’t know about AntiqueWeekend, you need to check it out.  It is like Canton's First Monday Trade Days on crack but it only happens twice a year.  It is described as an antique, art, craft and collectible collection that attracts thousands of dealers and buyers from all over the country.  It spans six different towns and lasts for two weeks or so. 

Ever heard of the Junk Gypsy gals? 
If not then you are seriously missing out.  These ladies are seriously talented.  Read about them here, check out their store here and read their fun blog here.  They take junking to a whole new level.  And they hang out with the Duck Dynasty family!
And also, they create parties like this…

So fun and so talented.  Anyhoo, Round Top is where they call home.  Every year they throw a Junk Gypsy Prom during Antique Weekend where everyone wears fantastic clothes and rasies a real big ruckus.


Yes, that is Miranda Lambert dancing with a gypsy at prom.  Prom is next Thursday, I won't be able to go but my cousin Kiki, who lives nearby Round Top, goes every year and has a great time. 

Y'all should look into it! I am sad I cannot go but I will be going by their store.

Have a fantastic weekend and see y'all on Monday!!

Clad in denim and turquoise,


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1 necklace, 5 days, 5 ways

No doubt some of you have concluded from my Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts that I love a good statement necklace.  You have also undoubtedly noticed on those media outlets (and also here) that I document some of these necklaces as I wear them.

I am sure many of you have wondered why.  Like my dad. And mom. And husband.  Well, this all started for a couple of reasons.
It all began with me taking pictures for my own self to help me remember different outfit combinations I could come up with out of the clothes already exisiting in my closet. I have always documented my clothing, starting all the way back in 6th grade the first time I saw Cher’s closet software on her desktop computer in the closet scene of Clueless. 
As I watched in awe as the spinning racks of labels went round and round, I suddenly got it! I too needed to catalog my outfits.  Not because I had tons and tons of clothes that I needed to keep track of, quite the opposite in fact.  This is how I was first introduced to the concept of “shop your closet”. 
Trying multiple combinations while mixing articles of clothing and accessories can open up so many possibilities within your own existing wardrobe.  I take pictures of the combinations I like so that I remember them in the future if I am in a hurry or just am lacking inspiration that day.
This is where statement necklaces come into play for me for me, big time.  A necklace can completely change an outfit.  It can take it from day to night, preppy to chic, demure to edgy, etc.  It can be a cost efficient way to add miles and miles onto your wardrobe.
A statement necklace is also important for me since I work in a corporate setting.  My wardrobe choices are somewhat limited, so I like to mix things up by wearing fun accessories on days where I don’t have client meetings.
As for posting pictures of them, that began when a dear friend gave me a bag of necklaces for my birthday. I posted a picture of me wearing one of the gifts on Facebook as a fun way to say thank you to her.  That picture got so much attention and positive response that I thought I would continue to post pictures of my “jewels”.  That is when Daily D├ęcolletage began.  So far I have received lots of positive comments, inquiries and have even made some new friends.  Check them out when you get a chance.
Ok so, the whole point of this story is to come to today’s fashion fun!  I decided to challenge myself and see if I could wear one necklace every day for a week and still keep my looks versatile.  Keep in mind these are all work looks.  Weekend and evening looks are a whole other ballgame.
Welcome to……
1 Necklace, 5 days, 5 ways!
Whoop, whoop!
I decided to choose a necklace that always gets complimented and that, upon first glance may look very dressy, but is actually quite versatile.
You can see it in a dressier setting in the picture below and also here.
Obviously it can be easily dressed up since it is big, shiny and has pearls. But how do I get more wear out of it by making it look acceptable in the workplace? Well here you go...


On Mondays, before you know your week's schedule, you never really know what might pop up. I like to go with an outfit that is likely acceptable in all situations.

Old Navy blush button-up,  Anthropologie navy pencil skirt
This particular Tuesday I had a few meetings with my boss.  I wanted to look business casual so opted to wear a blazer over a more casual dress in order to dress it up.

F21 Blazer, BR dress

Here I wore the necklace with a more casual outfit for a day at the office when I knew I wouldn't have a lot of face time with folks.
Phillip Lim for Target top and bottom, Steve Madden loafers


Here is an example of how I wore it on a day where I needed to look professional for a session of internal meetings.

Antonia Melani suit, Kenneth Cole top

Apparently I decided to dress like a Catholic school girl for this particular casual Friday with a flirty skirt, chambray and boyfriend sweater.
The Gap chambray and sweater, Phillip Lim for Target skirt and the Minnetonka Thunderbird Moccasins

As you can see on my Daily D├ęcolletage page, I recycle the same outfits and necklaces over and over again trying new combinations each time.  Even though I don’t have Cher’s technology (although I hear there are phone apps that provide this service) or extensive wardorbe, I have been able to catalog quite a few fun looks.
Thank you Cher Horowitz for one of the many life lessons you taught me way back then!
Remember to shop you closet girls ladies!
See you later, I hope not sporadically,


Monday, September 23, 2013

Gala at the Dallas Arboretum

Happy Monday!  If there is such a thing.

Got a little weekend recap for you.
Friday night I worked a gala at the Dallas Arboretum, that I mentioned last week.
The rain tried to spoil it but the amazing people in charge managed to tweak some things and pull it off just in the nick of time.
My job was to greet people as they arrived, check them off the list (using an IPad, which was awesome) and give them their seating details.
The absolute best part of the evening was seeing all of the beautiful Dallas women stepping out of their luxury vehicles wearing their finest duds. 
Giant hair, giant jewels, giant smiles, designer dresses and sky high heels, whether they were 28 or 88.  God Bless Texas.
I took a picture with one of the most fabulous women of the evening.  I didn’t ask for her permission to post her picture on here so I will just post a picture of her necklace instead….
Holy jeeze amiright?  I died.
They other stunners of the night were the flower arrangements.....


There was a giant hall, one breezeway and five tents full of 100 tables with 100 different flower arrangements.  No two were identical.  Crazy, insane, beautfiul.
But how could I forget about these guys???

This was performance troop flown in from New York.  These costumes are made by one woman, an artist, who weaves them out of basket materials.  She and her husband were also flown in for the gala.
They spared no expense.  This thing was fancy and beautiful.  Luckily we ladies working the guest list were allowed to wear a little garden chic dress and even our Hunters.  We didn’t have to get too dressed up which made it easier to work the thing. 
Here is my version of a downgraded Garden Chic in the rain look...
Lauren Conrad for Kohl's trench, Target dress, Hunter boots
I adore the big bow on the back of the jacket.
Saturday I spent the day at my nephews 6th birthday party.
Roller skating....
Found here
That is me on the left. Didn't think I had it in me but I pulled it off.  Below is the one shot we really did get.  Nice job hubby.
Here are three of my adorable nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie....
Huey and Dewey were "helping" Louie open his presies.  Look at the face Dewey is making!  He is very impressed with whatever it was Louie got as a present.  Cracks me up.  And no, those are not their real names.

Here is a shot of my beautiful nieces, Peanut and Bunny.

I would like to end today with a birthday shout out to my sister, Sunshine!

Love you!

Ready for it to be Friday already,