Friday, October 11, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Soul Days

It’s Friday and it feels so good!! 

This weekend I am heading to a going away party for a friend of mine.  She and her family are moving to Australia.  Jeals?  Me too.
I have known this chickadee for about 23 years and I so amazed by the woman she has become.  She is an amazing mother, wife and business owner…..oh and can cut a rug like nobody’s business.
I had a little girl’s night gathering at my house a few weeks ago to get some good gab time in with her before she left.  It was one of those good for the soul nights I talked about here. 
We have all known each other for more than half of our lives so we decided it would be fun to bring all of our old photo albums over and go through them together  Holy cow did we have some gems.  We threw all of the "best worst" pics into a pile and then picked a winner at the end of the night.
This weekend all of her friends and family will be headed out to downtown Ft. Worth for some food and libations to say goodbye.  We are starting the night out at the Woodshed.  If you are in the area you need to check this place out.  It is so good!
It will be a bittersweet evening I am sure.  I will be so sad to see her leave but I am so excited for the journey she has in front of her.
Last weekend I got to see my lovely Karles who I had not seen since March.  Slash was able to make it out too.  I had them over for brunch on Sunday.  It was beautiful out so we got to lounge around on the patio eating quiche and chocolate babka.  Mimosas may have also been involved.  Another chicken soup for the soul day for sure. We discussed life, love, boys and business.  It was simply sensational.

This weekend I will also be getting some new furniture for my dining and bar area!  My mother is giving me some of her pieces that I have had my eye on for a while.  I am very excited.
This is what the area looks like now…..
That may all change very soon. Cannot wait to show you some pics of what is yet to come!
Have a wonderful weekend and get yourself some chicken soup for your soul!
Chicken noodle please,

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