Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bun's in the Oven!

Not my oven.  My friend’s. Good friend.  College teammate and roomie for a year.

So my mind is all a twitter right now with things baby.
Baby shower that is.
Because I am throwing one in a few weeks, with the theme “Backyard BaByQ”.
Here is the top of the invite. 

Totes adorbs am I right?  She and her hubby are not finding out the sex of the baby until the day it is born.  Which is awesome.  Except if you are the one trying to throw a baby shower.
I decided to do a Robin’s Egg Blue and Pastel Pink twist on the usual red and blue backyard BBQ décor.  Big mistake.  There are no pink and blue sets of tissue paper balls.  No packages that contain both pink and blue cups, etc.  So you either have to buy two of everything or just try and do you best at balancing out the pink and the blue.  Hard to do.  No to mention it is a couple’s shower, so adding in some outdoorsy, masculine touches are important.
It is so stupid but I keep feeling guilty about not making it equal.  So silly.
It is my fault for choosing this color scheme, but I was swept up in the uber-trendy shabby chicness of it all!!!  And if any of you have seen my home, or pics of my wedding or my bridal shower, then you will know that I ADORE all things that live in the aqua, Tiffany blue, Robin’s Egg blue or 50’s sea foam families.
The entire dining room in our last house was Tiffany Blue for gravy’s sake.  As is my current kitchen.  I'm a little bit in love.
Here are a few pics from our last home (the rental) just to drive home the point.

Obsessed much?
I should have done the predictable green and yellow shower, but that would then be, well, predictable. And a baby giraffe is nothing if not not predictable.  Double negatives fo’ yo ass.
To make it a little more backyard and outdoorsy, I am using things like galvanized buckets, brown twine, butcher paper, burlap and some old wooden wine crates as décor and for serving purposes.
I told you it was shabby chic!  It is going to look like Rachel Ashwell threw up in our backyard.  At least I hope it does. 
So anyway, I have been wrapped up in planning and shopping for the shower.  Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Party City are my new BFF's.  But truthfully, they always have been.

Here are some inspiration pics I have gathered on the nets.

I am ironing out the details but you get the idea.  Luckily I have three weeks till the big day!

Shabilly chic for the week,


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