Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disco Fever!

I have made the most embarrassing and frivolous purchase....but I love it.  And it is just in time for the Holidays. Disco baby!!

A few years ago, I ran across pictures of this Christmas tree...
The Bower Power
 With a disco ball for a topper!!!
The Bower Power

I thought it was genius, pinned it and moved on, leaving the picture among nine million other pins that I am instantly obsessed with and then forget about.

As a few years passed I, like most of you out in blogger world, started seeing more and more disco balls pop up in home decor. I loved the idea but it became like lip print art and chevron rugs, meaning that "everybody" was doing it and well, I usually skip over those trends even if they are great.

And then, in early September, we threw this party and twenty or so times while party planning I thought to myself how fun it would be to have a working disco ball up in our garage during the festivities. So I started scouring the internet only to find that I wasn’t the only one looking. Folks on eBay and Craigslist had wised up to this trend and the prices were inflated. Well, y'all know me. I am a deal seeker. I NEVER pay full price for anything. It just isn't in my DNA. .

I held off thinking that I for sure would run across one at a junk shop or flea market. And I did...like a 10'' one for $60 at the Junk Gypsy store and a $400 one at another flea market. B**ch, please. I know, I know, it was from the 70's and legit but oh hell no.

I had given up on my idea and was waiting for the trend to completely pass before buying one.....and then I saw this picture....

The Nester

And plotzed.
Must have.  Must jump on trend.  Must conform.  Must have before Christmas.  They can add so much holiday festivity to a room with almost zero effort.
One of my favorite home decor bloggers discussed her recent purchase, here, and after reading that, I decided to really search hard and take the plunge.  I found a big one on eBay for less than $40!  And...it actually works and came with the kit and everything. 
Look at these inspiration photos...

The Hunted Interior

Dimples and Tangles
I decided to go with the 16'' rather than the 20'' and when it came in the mail I was shocked at just how big 16'' is.  It was way too big to go on top of the tree but luckily I ran across a $10 tree topper option at Hobby Lobby.  So now I have a little collection going.  Look at how festive they make our tree with one on top and one on bottom.

No we just need to add the ornaments and some ribbon up top.
Also, how cute is this Christmas duct tape DIY???

I've got the fever,



  1. Um, love. Love love love. So sparkly! What a genius idea!

  2. Wow the disco ball really does add something sparkly and fun to the decor! I love your blue accents on the Christmas tree :).