Friday, November 8, 2013

Creepy stuff kids say and a book review

Happy Friday my dears!!  It is finally upon us!  I am too excited for words.  Ha, JK.  I always have words.  Hence the blog.

Did y'all enjoy the house tour yesterday?  So much mid-century goodness. 

And now for today's topic. Did any of you read this list on Buzzfeed? The 13 Ceepiest Things a Child Has Ever Said to a Parent

#7 and #10 are what inspired this post. I recently read a book that relates to these statements.

I know I am supposed to be reviewing books from this list for y'all, and I will.  I have read two more books on the list but I just haven't felt the urge to write about them.  Not a good sign for the books I would say.  Instead, I wanted to tell you about another book I read over this past weekend.  My Name is Memory.  Tagline: Sometimes love lasts more than a lifetime..or something like that.

This book is about re-incarnation, or rather, the theory of recycled soles.  It talks about how you encounter the same individuals many times over and in many new forms in these new lives.  There is a comforting theme that if someone played a significant role in your life that they would also be present in your following lives, but in a new way.  Of course this goes for the bad people in your life as well.  Not so comforting.  However, karma usually takes care of them.

The book is pretty good.  It starts off super strong as you follow one of the narrators throughout time because he is one of the few people that can actually remember his past lives very clearly.  It eventually gets tedious, mostly because there is a wishy-washy girl narrator for a while and I have issues with wishy-washy chicks. (Bella Swan and Anastasia Steele).  What the obsession is with using girls like this as heroines is beyond me.  Maybe because it is easier for a wider audience of women to identify themselves with the leads???  Not sure.

Moving on, the book mentions how many children will talk about experiences or their dreams about experiences that their parents know that didn't have and eventually the children learn that they should suppress these thoughts and not talk about them.  This eventually ends up leading the children to forget them or to brush them off as imagination.  I just felt like this was a strange coincidence that I read this book a day or two later this list came out and included children talking about past lives.

What are your thoughts?  Kind of an interesting topic, no?  This book seemed to me to be going in a direction that would eventually lead to a moral epiphany of live in the now, love the family you have now because it truly is the only one you have right there in that moment.  Stop constantly looking ahead or wandering about the seemingly greener grass over the fence.  Live in the moment.  That kind of stuff.

Also.....spoiler alert...the end of this book SUUUUUUUUCCCKKKSSSS. To put it mildly.  But I heard there is going to be a sequel because so many people voiced annoyance over the ending.  It is a pretty interesting read with a great male narrator and an ok female one.  Give it a go!

Off the topic of creepy kids and onto the topic of adorable ones....look at my niece last night...

Now that is a baby after this basketball playing auntie's heart!

Also, whoop whoop for sweater weather almost, finally, kind of making its way to Dallas!  I have been waiting for you for one million years it seems.

Tell me your thoughts on this recycled soul stuff,


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