Monday, November 11, 2013

Harvest Time

Just another Manic Monday....

15 minutes late for work, forgot my IPhone at home, forgot to make something for the potluck today which led to a quick trip to the store, etc, etc.  Monday stuff.

I swear every time I start to feel a little grown up and like I am getting it together, the universe gives me a day like today to remind me that I am a 30 year- 5 year old and don't have any of my stuff together.

Speaking of crazy 5 year olds, the Fella and I had my twin 5 year old nephews all weekend.  On Saturday we also had my 6 year old nephew for a few hours.  We took them to see Thor in 3D. 

It was great but holy energy Batman.  As in I have none and they have massive quantities.  To just run for no reason again.  No lion chasing you.  No cheesecake in front of you.  No marathon to train for.  Just running to feel your legs moving and to rejoice in the fact that you are able to do so.  Real 5 year olds have it together way more than I ever will. 

Back to that feeling grown-up thing, after we took the twins home on Sunday we came home and did a few hours of yard work.  We had not planned it all.  The weather was just so glorious that we gravitated outdoors and just began to work.  It is an amazing feeling to put love into and to improve something you love, like your home. 

I was weeding and realized that I had fallen behind on acorn patrol.  Acorns sprout little trees easily if not kept an eye on.  They grow fast and deep.  It is really hard to get them out due to the little nut still being attached as they grow.  But look how cool they look when you pull them out intact.

I am so weird, I know, but I love roots.  I think they are so intricately beautiful.

Look at the pods that fell from my wisteria. 

How alien are these?  They grow underneath and hang there for months. They are huge and hard as rocks.  I couldn't even cut one open to see what was inside. They are toxic to pups so I have to remove them once they fall.  They were a beautiful light green this summer.

Our two bushes have minds of their own and would take over the neighborhood if I let them.

With temperatures finally out of the 80's and all the rain we have been getting, my herb/veggie garden is exploding. 

How cool is this pic below?  I didn't even see the bee when I was taking the picture.

Our Bay Leaf tree is getting huge. Anyone need any? Come and get it.

Onion Chives
Onion Chive, Parsley and Oregeno
Curry and Oregeno

The most amazing surprise was our jalapeno tree.  We got one pepper all summer and now there are about 25 jalapenos and jalapeno buds.

We made some great nachos and guac with a few of them last night.  Holy cow, they were HOT!!

What did you do this weekend?

Not so very grown-up,


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  1. Homegrown jalapenos?? That's awesome! Oh to have boundless energy again... haha.