Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Holy Monday Batman. 7:30am doctor appointment in Downtown Dallas on our first day of sleet and freezing. Big mistake. What usually would have been a 45 minute delay in my day turned into a 3 hour delay. Gross.

But I had a fantastic weekend so I choose to focus on that by linking up for Sami's Weekend Shenanigans!

We went to a Texas Legend's game with friends where we got enjoy a pre-game meal and auction with one of our heroes and co-owner of the team, Donnie Nelson...

And courtside seats. We had no idea our friend's season tickets were courtside. We were totally caught off guard. Courtside at a D League game kicked fourth row at a Pro Game's ass. These guys play their hearts out as opposed to NBA players who coast until spring due to such a long schedule.  Also, my husband is an awesome photographer as evidenced below.

Saturday, I had plans to go to a few holiday markets with a friend but the drizzly weather made me do this...

All day.

Saturday night, I met girlfriends at the Ritz for dinner and bevies. We watched a friend's baby while she was in a wedding at the Ritz. It was a fantastic time and great people watching. Also, Jessica Simpson was there and she called "our baby" precious.

Sunday, I got to visit the scrumptious child...

We also went to Ikea where I bought some fun things for Christmas. The weather was predicted to turn really bad around 2 so we hustled to the grocery story for the cider ingredients, brownie mix and Chex Mix ingredients. The Fella makes the best Chex Mix.

I added some hanging crystals to my chandie in the kitchen and I love it.

We had not planned on decorating fully for Christmas until after Thaksgiving but we were locked in the house with five hours to go before the Bronco game (the Fella's team).  So.....we gave in. 

Sneak peek...

Tune in tomorrow to see what I am doing with some early presies that came in the mail for me on Friday.

It says Fragile...must be from Italy. #achirstmasstory

Bundled up in holiday spirit,

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. I was wondering if the Sophie Giraffe on that table was your mascot or for an actual child :). Sorry we didn't get to hang this weekend, maybe soon! Love the new blog layout.

  2. Your Saturday looks perfect! I would have stayed in, too! New follower from the link-up!

    Forever Young

  3. Wait a second.. you lost me at Jessica Simpson. I'm mildly obsessed with her. Sounds like a fab weekend :)