Friday, November 15, 2013

10 signs that I am no longer a college athlete

I am linking up with Sarah today for Fan Friday.  This is a link up for sports fans and you can discuss anything sports related. 

Because sports consumed the first 23 years of my life, I spent the next 5 years after that avoiding sports without missing them much at all. Over the last two years, I have come around and have been able to become a fan of sports once again.  I don't miss the practices or the games even.  But I do miss my girls and a few other things.  But I am no longer a collegiate athlete and I am totally OK with that.  And here are ten signs that I, for sure, am no longer a collegiate athlete.

1.       My arms don’t look like this anymore.
2.       My sock toes no longer have 42 written on them with a sharpie.....or my sports bras.

4.       I no longer consider baggy basketball shorts, And1 slip-ons and a wife beater an “outfit”.

5.       I no longer have weekly hotel dance parties….now it is just like once a year or so…


6.       I live with a boy.

7.       I have to do my own laundry after I work out.

8.       I no longer roll with 10 other baby giraffes on a daily basis. Sad face.

9.       I can no longer eat two appetizers, a salad, an entrée, half of my teammate’s entrée and a dessert without gaining an ounce....hell, I can no longer eat just a salad without gaining an ounce. Oh Gumby's I miss thee...

10. My letter jacket is no longer considered an acceptable winter I have been told repeatedly.

Any other formers out there?  You know what I am talking about.

Miss you girls...

Tall for no damn reason,


Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. HIIIII FORMER ATHLETE! I'm sure you probably guessed that already. Personally, I think you should wear your letter jacket even in the heart of Summer. You should be proud of that bad boy. You impress me, you must have been (still are) really good!!! What position? I'm assuming forward based on that first pic!

  2. hahaahah this is great! however , you did get a full ride and we only had YOU to talk about every christmas and thanksgiving

  3. haha i love this!! i wish i looked like i did in college and would act like i do now (not that i act great it's just better than college)