Friday, September 6, 2013

Football season is here!!

Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!?????

Well I’m not.
It got here too fast!  Where did my summer go????  Le sad.
But the Fella is BEYOND happy.  Especially since his team played in the season opener last night and kicked ass.
In order to get even more pumped up for the start of the NFL season, he forced me to play a pre-game round of beer pong in the backyard.


Forced, I tell you.
Then we watched the game while I also made this.


I had him help me hang it during halftime.
Think I may add another one beside it. It is part of the party d├ęcor for the baby shower tomorrow. 
I can’t believe it is tomorrow!  Freaking out.
I am so nervous about how it will all look.  I showed you my tassel garland yesterday…..

…. and I made a bunch more stuff last night.  Fingers crossed it all comes together.
Yesterday, I also mentioned that I found the ladder in the above picture on the side of the road while walking our dogs the other night.  I then forced my husband to go with me to get it and then made him ride in the back with it so he could hold the hatch down...and let me tell you, the Fella was thrilled.


Look at that adoring stare he is giving me. Or is it an abhorring glare?
I think we all know.

We have been using it to hang our towels on out by the pool.


And I lurve it. Free and practical. Even 'ol hubby has come around and admits it was a good find. The options are endless.  Here is some inspiration I found on the nets:

I am really feeling that laundry room idea!

Well, I will see you next week with a recap of what was hopefully a successful baby shower and also a tutorial on the outdoor chandie.


Pucker Up Buttercup!

the baby giraffe

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