Monday, September 23, 2013

Gala at the Dallas Arboretum

Happy Monday!  If there is such a thing.

Got a little weekend recap for you.
Friday night I worked a gala at the Dallas Arboretum, that I mentioned last week.
The rain tried to spoil it but the amazing people in charge managed to tweak some things and pull it off just in the nick of time.
My job was to greet people as they arrived, check them off the list (using an IPad, which was awesome) and give them their seating details.
The absolute best part of the evening was seeing all of the beautiful Dallas women stepping out of their luxury vehicles wearing their finest duds. 
Giant hair, giant jewels, giant smiles, designer dresses and sky high heels, whether they were 28 or 88.  God Bless Texas.
I took a picture with one of the most fabulous women of the evening.  I didn’t ask for her permission to post her picture on here so I will just post a picture of her necklace instead….
Holy jeeze amiright?  I died.
They other stunners of the night were the flower arrangements.....


There was a giant hall, one breezeway and five tents full of 100 tables with 100 different flower arrangements.  No two were identical.  Crazy, insane, beautfiul.
But how could I forget about these guys???

This was performance troop flown in from New York.  These costumes are made by one woman, an artist, who weaves them out of basket materials.  She and her husband were also flown in for the gala.
They spared no expense.  This thing was fancy and beautiful.  Luckily we ladies working the guest list were allowed to wear a little garden chic dress and even our Hunters.  We didn’t have to get too dressed up which made it easier to work the thing. 
Here is my version of a downgraded Garden Chic in the rain look...
Lauren Conrad for Kohl's trench, Target dress, Hunter boots
I adore the big bow on the back of the jacket.
Saturday I spent the day at my nephews 6th birthday party.
Roller skating....
Found here
That is me on the left. Didn't think I had it in me but I pulled it off.  Below is the one shot we really did get.  Nice job hubby.
Here are three of my adorable nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie....
Huey and Dewey were "helping" Louie open his presies.  Look at the face Dewey is making!  He is very impressed with whatever it was Louie got as a present.  Cracks me up.  And no, those are not their real names.

Here is a shot of my beautiful nieces, Peanut and Bunny.

I would like to end today with a birthday shout out to my sister, Sunshine!

Love you!

Ready for it to be Friday already,


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  1. Those centerpieces are awesome! It sounds like such a fun event! I also love your LC coat. The color and fit is perfect!