Friday, September 13, 2013


I have totally sucked at being a blogger this week. 

My evenings have been jam-packed, in a good way, so I haven't had a lot of time to write. 

I had three separate girl's nights this week with three different groups of ladies.  Awesome times.  Next week I will have a recap of these evenings along with a full recap of the outdoor Baby-Que shower, complete with pictures!

We have busy Saturday planned but it will be followed by a very, lazy Sunday.
My cousin is coming up from Austin with his girlfriend to stay with us tonight.  This is a treat.  I usually only see him at Christmas.  I am very excited.  Tomorrow we are going to see him in action at his Tae Kwon Do tournament.  On top of that we have to buy and new car tomorrow, which is both exciting and stressful at the same time.
This all has to be accomplished by three o’clock tomorrow because we are then heading to a friend’s house to watch the Alabama/Texas A&M game.  This should be a great game, and also while I am there, I get to help said friend decorate her baby nursery!  Y’all all know how I love to decorate!!!!!
Speaking of decorating, I will leave you with some pictures from the #colddeadfingers challenge that Mandi at Vintage Revivals is hosting.  This is one of my favorite, if not my most favorite, home décor blogs.  This girl has some serious talent.  And her real life story is super intense and inspiring.  Check her out.
Basically the gist of the challenge is to Instagram pictures of the piece/s of décor around your home that someone would have to pry out of your cold dead fingers before you ever relinquished control of them.  I am so right there with her on this!  I am very emotionally attached to many of my pieces.  You would seriously have to step #overmydeadbody and pry them out of my #colddeadfingers to get near them.
I love searching #colddeadfingers on Instagram and seeing everyone’s loves.
Here are three of the examples around my home...

First, an $8 warehouse-sale find....

This original, canvas painting makes my heart race every time I see it, which is every day. The shade of blue speaks to my soul. Sounds silly, I know, but true nonetheless.  And I love the small pink accents throughout. Also, this thing is HUGE!!!  It takes up an entire wall in my dining room.  Why they only put $8 on it I WILL NEVER KNOW, but I am so grateful that they did.  I think they even knew the artist.  Crazy for them and lucky for me.
Next, and most dear to me, is my great-grandmother, Lulu's, mirror.

This mirror belonged to my father's, mother's mother. It has hung in my parent's home for as long as I can remember. When my husband and I moved into our new home, my mother gave it to us to hang in our dining room. I had not known previously that it was an heirloom. I instantly became seriously attached to this piece. My great-grandmother had this hanging in her beautiful New Orleans home and my grandmother even had her wedding pictures taken in front of it in the 1940's.

Here you can see the mirror on the wall behind my grandparents on their wedding day.
I am not sure of the full history of the mirror but I plan to find it out. It is possible this mirror has passed between many more generations within the family. It is very beautiful, very old, very large and very heavy.  The detailing on the rosettes is breathtaking. I love her.

Last, but certainly not least, is this sexy lady. 
A vintage, 1940’s lucite and chenille vanity stool. Original PINK chenille!!!!! Swoon.

The story behind this one is fun. 
A girlfriend of mine took me out into the boondocks of central Texas to a two story building full of vintage clothing, knick-knacks and furniture.  It is very much of the beaten path and has unreal finds.  While there, I met the adorable little, old lady that owns the shop along with her husband.  They were in their 80’s and had been collecting their whole lives.  They had some amazing stuff and even more amazing stories.
We spent about three hours talking to her and going through everything she had for sale.  As we were getting ready to leave, I spotted this beauty under a pile of clothes.  Of course, this was the one thing in the store that the woman just couldn’t bring herself to part with.  She had bought the stool from its original owner at a living estate sale in the 60’s and she was very emotionally attached to it…
I ended up leaving her with an offer and my phone number.  She called me that night.  She said her husband told her she was crazy not to sell it since they were, after all, in the business of selling antiques. She said that she knew I would love it and take care of it and so she was willing to part with the stool.  I got it the next day and have loved it ever since.  It is one of those pieces that even though I paid a little more than I am usually willing to dish out, I have never regretted it or second guessed my decision.
Isn’t she beautiful?  Aren’t those the sexiest legs you have ever seen on a piece of furniture??
Sir Kittypuss loves her too.....

By the way, the cat is #colddeadfinegrs as well!

What are some of your #colddeadfingers? 

UPDATE 10/28/13: After posting this blog entry, I found a fantastic light fixture on Craigslist that I talk about here.  I then added a picture of it to Instagram with the hashtag colddeadfingers and tagged the creator fo the #colddeadfingers challenge, Vintage Revivals.  Today she included my sweet little light fixture on her second round-up of her favorite cold dead finger finds!  I admire her so much and I am so touched and happy to be included!!!

Happy Friday,


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