Thursday, September 5, 2013

Party Decor Tutorial: Yarn Tassle Garland

My laid back approach to fashion lately is starting to get ridiculous.  I am not even bothering to accessorize, which is like my favorite, as evidenced on this page here. (Click your cursor where it sayshere)  (Some people don’t know to click here when it says here)

The Gap top, BR crops, Target shoes

I will try and step up my fashion game soon…promise. 

But as for today, today I am lazy.  I am lazy because I am feeling happy and content, thanks to some lady dinner time with these baby giraffes last night….

You are looking at four women, in four very different stages of their lives.  There is a mother of two who is currently a stay at home mom, a married attorney trying to start a family, a woman living with her boyfriend and is at the cusp of starting her own business and a very focused career woman looking for someone to share her life with.
There is so much to be learned from one another.  I love getting so many different perspectives on the world.
The margaritas weren’t the only things flowing and the fajitas weren’t the only things sizzling.  The conversation was lively and fluid and varied from career plans, motherhood/future motherhood, family updates, marriage, singlehood, trying to conceive, dating, food, fashion, babies, loss, love and the big "S" word. Santa.  jk.
Miley Cyrus was not mentioned, not even once!!! 
Moving on.  Time for a little party décor tutorial!  Remember this picture?

……that I posted last week on this post here  (I did it again, see!?), as a little sneak peak of the baby shower party décor?

Well here is the rest of the reveal.

Yeah I sucked at this tutorial.  I followed the tutorial on this great blog here.
You should too.
Cute or what?
Obvi this is not the full extent of the décor.  I will be adding many more things up there with the yarn tassle garland.
I found some more inspiration here, and I may have to give it a woo.  Fingers crossed I pull off all the decor and it looks good on the day of...
As for that ladder you see in the picture, I found that on the side of the road while walking our dogs the other night.  More on that later.
Have a grand one!

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