Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Need some blog advice? I did too....

Did anyone notice how that my blog changed a little last week? 

I now have follow me buttons for many social media outlets, my words don’t overlap the menus on the side and I learned how to html embed.  Doesn't the page look so much more professional and clean?
Did I spend hours on the internet researching how to do all of this, and then hours trying to actually get it to work on the blog and then end the evening by throwing my computer against the wall???
I opted for the easy, none violent route and called, or emailed rather, Helene. 
Are you thinking about starting a blog?  Do you already have a blog but could use a few pointers on how to get your blog “out there”? Have you been blogging for years and only have a handful of page hits a day?  (i.e. your mom and dog) Then you should call Helene.
Helene, of Helene in Between, is a very knowledgeable blogger.  On top of writing a thoughtful, humorous and successful blog, Helene’s day job is in Online Media.  Girl knows her stuff.
Following Helene’s advice has already gained me quite a few page hits and I have already made new friends that I know I wouldn’t have met had she not given me pointers on how to build a blog community. 
Maybe I eventually (probably not) would have learned all of this on my own.  However, like many of you, I have a fulltime job and a pretty busy social life so I didn’t want to spend the next three years trying to do so.  I wanted to utilize the middle man and learn all of it right up front so that I could get the most out of blogging and as soon as possible.
Helene offers a bunch of different services.  Not just the ones I mentioned here.  Check out her services page.  She was super easy and fun to work with and very reasonable price wise.  Check her out...

Helene in Between

I am so happy I did.

See?  I am smiling.

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