Monday, September 16, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Happy Monday, my loverlies!

Another weekend has come and gone and taken my happiness with it…jk.  I am still happy but would just prefer that it was still Saturday.
You know those weekends where you have to spend your entire Saturday doing something you hate so therefore it was a wash and wasn’t a Saturday after all?  That was this Saturday for me. 
As I mentioned last week, my husband’s car bit the dust.  So we spent all day Saturday at a dealership negotiating the purchase of a new one.  And by all day, I mean all day.  7 hours in fact.  We had no idea it would take that long.  But we got him a reliable car that gets good gas mileage and at a price we were comfortable with…so really we couldn’t ask for more.
Here we are with our new ride...
Picture found here
Just kidding.
At least they had a TV so we could watch the Alabama/Texas A&M game while waiting on the financing people….. for 2 hours!!!!!  It was really packed and we were really far down the line, so there was a lot of sitting.

Theoretically, we were happy to see that the dealership was so packed and car sales doing so well.  That is an indicator of a recovering economy one would think.  That and the real-estate boom around our area, as I discussed at length, here.  Here’s hoping.
Everything was looking up Sunday morning because it was Phillip Lim day at Target!!!
Whoop whoop!
Did anyone else get out of bed at 7:30 Sunday morning to be there when the doors opened?  Or did y’all shop online at midnight?  I never do that, shop online at midnight, that is.  It stresses me out way too much. I know I miss out that way but too bad, so sad.
I didn’t get a lot, but here are the items I did get.




I am obsessed with the little tunic top.  The back, with the pleating, makes me weak in the knees.  It is very, VERY hard to find little tops like this that fit really tall women.  They always fall too short and the pleating/ruffles never hit at the right spot.  This top however, fits like a glove.

There were two pieces that the store didn’t have that I really wanted.
These tuxedo pants...


And this dress...


But I will live to shop another day.
I will leave you with a peek at an amazing Craigslist find I had last week...

Isn't that the sweetest lil' light fixture you ever did see?

I named her Flora and I love her so very much. 
Craig (as in craigslist)'re my best friend.
More to come on Flora and her new home later this week.
Stepping high in my new threads,


  1. It is no fun to spend a Saturday at the car dealership.. at least it turned around with shopping! By the time I got to my target, the stuff I wanted was gone! They still had a ton of purses, but I wanted the yellow one you got and they were all sold out. Love that dress you showed too, I hadn't seen that before!

  2. i love the boom sweatshirt, i was totally debating it. might need to go back and try and get it. love the new car! the first pic cracked me up!

  3. Hey thanks so much for the tip on that barmoire...excellent! loved it. Lucky girl with your Pillip Lim purchases....I went late and there was barely anything left....its ok...I don't need anything. I'm going to visit a craig's list find tomorrow...wish me luck!!