Friday, September 20, 2013

What's pink, aqua and tall all over???

Friday, Friday, it is Friday, Friday, Friday, it is Friday, Friday.

I have been singing that in my head to the tune of the Ghostbusters song since I woke up.  I have no idea why.
So today is Friday.  Many fun things lie ahead! Tonight I am volunteering at an event at the Dallas Arboretum.
There is a gala celebrating the opening of a new eight acre Children’s park.  Something like 17 years of work and 60 million dollars went into this thing! The official name is the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden, check it out here.
Here are the invites.

You know it’s going to be a great shindig when you have giant insects on the invitations.  Unfortunately, there is a monsoon going on in Dallas right now.  That really dampens (get it?) the whole evening.  There is supposed to be close to a thousand guests at the gala….we shall see how many show up in this downpour.
I will recap for y’all on Monday. 
Saturday, I am going to my nephew’s 6th birthday party at a skating rink.  Very excited!  I am forcing the Fella to skate with me and he is sooooooo excited.  Afterward, we are going to go spend the night with my parents and get in some more family time.
That is about it for me today.  I did want to show y'all a few of the things I got on my lunch break yesterday when I went to a resale shop. I scored a bunch of fun stuff for almost no money.  Out of everything I got, I am oddly most excited about the adorable little set of stir-sticks.....

I also got the cute little vase they are in.  The vase’s name is Irene.  At least that is what someone scratched into the bottom of her.  Those items, total, were 75 cents.  Gotta love a good resale shop.  The stir sticks were still in the original packaging.
Why I am so excited over stir-sticks??  I have no idea.  They are just so cute.  And also I am having a moment with pinks and corals and the stir-sticks help tie-in my barcart to the dining room where I have been adding a lot of pinks and corals. 
What yellow was to me the last year, coral is to me today.  Tiffany blue and aqua….you are my for always color.
What colors are you into right now?
Pink and aqua all over,

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  1. These invitations look so cute . I hope rain doesn't mess this event , it's sad :(
    Oh no , your vases are heart-stealing !