Thursday, December 12, 2013

O Christmas Tree!

Today I was supposed to do a Christmas Tree link up, but I am a nut job and cannot remember who the linkup was with.  I tell you what....I am killing it at the blogging thing.  I had the post all ready to go so I figured I would share it anyway. So here is our sweet tannenbaum.

Since entering blog land, I have noticed that so many people change up their ornaments every year in a different theme, etc.  I love that, but we do it a little differently in our home.

We have been made fun of so many friends but the Fella and I continue to decorate our tree with ornaments that we have both collected since we were kids.  Our mothers each gave us a new ornament every Christmas until we were married (his mother now gives us one together).  They both gave us all of those ornaments of ours that once hung on their tree.  My mom even had the ones I made her when I was little, like this weird little dude.

Since this was a tradition we both grew up with, we decided to keep it going in our new life together. Our first Christmas together, the Fella and I exchanged meaningful ornaments and have continued the tradition each year.  Here are a few of our favorites that each have a special meaning.


We also buy an ornament on almost every trip we take.

Needless to say, we have a lot of ornaments.  And none of them match or follow a theme. 

I think my favorite ornament of all would have to be this awesome Mexican wrestler we got on our honeymoon in Mexico. 

Love him.

I do try to change up the decor around the tree very year.  This year I wanted to have a kind of rustic glam feel.  I just took stuff from around the house and threw it into a big wooden bowl with a faux sheep pelt in it...and I love it.

I love the light that comes dancing off the disco ball across the ceiling when the lights are off.

And off the tree topper as well.

I shared the story of the disco balls in an earlier post.  I love them so much.  And I can think of a million thing I want to do with them throughout the whole year. They make everything so special.  I could have left the ornaments off of the tree, like below, and the disco balls would have been enough.

Now I just need to wrap some presents and get them under there.

Dreaming of a white Christmas,



  1. so pretty!! and you have some great ornaments!

  2. I love your vignette of things under the tree. Where are the huge pine cones from? Those are awesome :).

  3. Haha I have totally planned to do a link up and forgot who was hosting it! Love your decor, though. Plus that chair next to the tree is divine ;)