Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas at the ranch

I mentioned in this previous post what fun we have at my in-laws ranch in Texas Hill country.  We will be spending Christmas Eve and morning with my family at my parent's lake house and then will head to the ranch that afternoon to spend the remainder of the week.

Fun stuff like this happens...

Christmas tree hunting in the back of the truck.

After the perfect mesquite tree is chosen, the fellas head off to saw it down...

While the ladies tend to their solo cups while singing carols.

Or we highjack the four wheeler...

 Double fisting happens and bevies are consumed...

As well as Reinbeers

 Sometimes too many Reinbeers...

We sing carols, have cookie contests, eat lots of goodness, open many presents, play many games and share many hugs and lots of love.

I cannot wait!!



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