Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jewelry Display Inspiration

Hello all!

I am back from the icy grips of #icepocalypse2013, as it is lovingly referred to on Instagram and Twitter.

We got power back Monday evening.  I am not sure I have ever been so happy or seen my pets so happy to be warm.  We did our best to stay warm over the last 5 days.

I was really behind at work so I worked like mad on Tuesday to get caught up.  Today, I thought I would share a little project I did while iced-in.

 As y'all know and as I share here, I have a thing for necklaces.  I have almost every necklace I have ever been given, inherited or bought since I was a little girl.  That equals a lot of necklaces.  Last week I showed y'all one way I store my baubles...

I try to display the necklaces and my other jewelry as much as possible instead of hiding them away in boxes or drawers.  Here a few examples of that in bedroom on my Grammy's dresser she gave me...

I use plates and the like to display some of my more frequently worn items and a few of my favorite items such as the beautiful brooches below that my Nana made.

And near our reading nook in our bedroom...

As you can see above, I took an heirloom pin and matching earrings and placed them in a shadow box so that I can display them as art when not in use.

Here on some examples from on and around my dressing table...

I am constantly on the hunt for fun and unique vintage finds to display jewelry and makeup in an inspiring makes the mundane everydays feel special.

Vintage, feminine dessert displays are my favorite way to store my keepsakes.

Ok so, even with all the displaying of the necklaces, I still had a bunch left in drawers and boxes.  There just isn't enough room to display everything.  The trick then is to store your things in a way that fits away in a closet but that shows your choices enough that you don't forget what you have.  Previously I just had them hanging on hangers and that way you just wear the same ones of the top over and over.

What a, I got some peg boards out of the garage. 

$15 at Home Depot and about that much for the hooks as well...

I  grouped similar chains together in groups...

And then let some of my favorites hang by themselves on display...

 And I had one of these doohickeys for some of my bracelets.

I have another peg board that needs filling up.  I still have a box or two more to go.  I will then hang them in one of our closets.  For now I have it leaning on the wall next to my side of the bed.  it makes me happy to look at.  I know that sounds silly but each one of those is a memory of a present, a loved one or a trip that I took.  I love having my memories on display right in front of me.

And as for that first pretty lady I showed you...I made sure she was warm for the ice storm as well...

She so fancy.

Staying alive,


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