Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Monday, er Tuesday!

Wow, am I a great blogger or what? Only my fourth post and I am already a day late. My goal was to post at least once a day every weekday....FAILSIES.

Truth is I was swamped yesterday. Sorry. To myself. Since nobody else is reading this.

Ok so, I promised a little rundown of our home buying experience, here she blows.

People always told me that the right house would find us and that any previous let downs or realty heartbreak we may suffer would all make sense once you find “it”.  They were so right.
We came into the market at a very interesting time.  For years we kept thinking that we need to hurry up and decide to buy before the economy recovered and we miss out on the tax breaks for first time home buyers and the great deals a buyer could find at that moment in time, etc.  Still, we never pulled the trigger.  We worked as independent contractors for a few years, and while there are many perks to being your own boss, it is also a very terrifying concept to purchase a home when both of your livelihoods could disappear in the blink of an eye (at least in our line of work that can happen).  Once we had both made the transition into more stable career paths, we began to dare to let ourselves dream.  For the next year or so, I asked a million questions of a million people about neighborhoods, schools, commutes, grocery stores, you name it, and I asked it. 

Next, after deciding what general area of the city that we wanted to settler in (we live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area so that was no easy fete); we began looking at homes in our price range.  We started to notice a trend in the area that we chose as well as within the price range we were looking.  Houses were being gobbled up by investors, flipped and then put back on the market out of budget’s range.  Basically, we chose to enter the game right as the market turned upward and exploded in our area.  Figures. 

(This is what is considered to be the DFW area by the way)

All of the sudden there was a frenzy in the DFW area of all sorts of realty shenanigan: bidding wars, prices jumping up, incredible lack of inventory, prices being marked too low to entice bidding wars, etc.  Names were slurred and faces were punched.  JK.  Long story short (too late for that, huh?), we lost a house we thought we were in love with for $60,000 over asking price! There was something like 9 bidders.  Cray cray. 

We got the next one though.  The right one.  The “it” one.  I randomly stumbled across this baby and called a random realty company listed online because our realtor had blown us off that day.  Don’t worry, we hadn’t signed anything with the other realtor.  And I must say I am not proud of this, but when you have strike while the iron is hot, right?  I am not the type of Gal who sits back and says “ok person, it is ok that you canceled on us the night before.  I will just sit back and wait four more days for you to show us our future even though I know in my heart it will be gone by tomorrow.” I get shit done.  Sometimes aggressively…but almost always politely.  I am Southern after all.  Anywho, the new realtor had a showing set up within thirty minutes of speaking with him.  He gets shit done too. 

Ok this is where it gets cool.  We were earlier than our showing but knocked on the door anyway.  The sellers were who actually showed me the house!  I knew within moments it was our house.  We had an offer on it within hours.  By the next day there were six offers.  And although some people offered more money, we go the house!  We became friends with the sellers through the process and they later told me that they knew if we got the house they could rest well knowing it would be well taken care of and loved.  So cool right?  Luck?  Serendipitous?  Fate?  Divine intervention? 

Whatever it was, I am so grateful.  We are right where we were supposed to be…..
Our house found us and thank goodness we made sure it didn’t lose us. 


Tomorrow I will have recap of the Fella's birthday weekend and the new brewery I told y'all about.

Far thee well,


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