Friday, August 30, 2013

Laboring Labor Day Weekend

Why hello there, Orange you glad to see me?

Old Navy Chambray, old but similar here. The Gap Always Skinny Jeans, old

Casual Friday indeed.

(A Baby Giraffe's number one clothing problem...high-waters.  Thank God cropped pants are all the rage. Or are they?  Always have been, always will be for me.)

Lately, for some reason I have had ZERO motivation and inspiration when getting dressed. This is all I could muster this morning.

Moving on from my failure, anyone with fun plans for the holiday weekend? We have a couple of fun things lined up but nothing too exciting. Some pool time and dinner plans with a few friends here and there.

My main focus is to get a few things accomplished around the house. As we approach the four month mark on home ownership things around our house have all of the sudden decided to fall apart. Oh The Joys of Home Ownership.  Now I get what everyone means when they recite this little saying on their Facebook status'.

All in the same day last weekend our motorized gate stopped working, our kitchen faucet broke and some of the tile on the side of our pool slipped away to a watery grave.  Also a lizard ate the pepper I grew all summer and nurtured like a baby, but that is beside the point.

So we will be fixing those things, hopefully.  There is kind of a push to get those things fixed along with finishing a few more cosmetic things around the house before the couple’s baby shower we are hosting next weekend rolls around. As mentioned here.

Last night, my husband had one of his four, yes FOUR, fantasy football drafts and didn’t get home till late.  I was able to use this extra alone time to create a few of the decorations for the party. 

Here is a sneak peek of a future tutorial that has to do with the party d├ęcor.

 It’s going to be cute!  Even Hova thinks so...

 Also the Must Do list for this long weekend:

- Paint the long hallway and create long gallery wall
- Paint and stencil entryway
- Vamp up dining room chandie
- Rearrange rugs in the house
- Dress up my dressing table area
- Finalize a color choice for guest room

No I have not done that yet.  Redonk, I know.

Orange you glad you read my blog?


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