Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello Monday, please go away.

This weekend flew by way too fast!  I had a long list of To Do's and didn't even get halfway done.  I did however, get a few big things done.  Like painting the kitchen.

I also got to see my aunt and my sweet Nana this weekend.  They come into town to meet my brother and his wife’s new little bundle of joy.  They made a special trip to my new house to check it out and to give me some pointers on paint choices, etc.  I trust theirs and my mother’s opinions when it comes to all things abode over anyone elses.  My grandmother and aunt have each been interior decorators and owned antique shops and so forth over the years.  They are so original and unique and have amazing taste.  They are truly talented.  I will share some pictures of my grandmother’s home on here soon.  Prepare to swoon.
Other than spending Saturday afternoon with them, I pretty much painted all weekend and worked on little odd jobs around the house.  A few of those will be featured on here for your enjoyment.
One of the projects I completed was tackling that gorgeous little rust covered beauty I showed you last week.

This table is to be used on our back patio.
I first started by sanding all of the rust off the top. It was much easier than I thought it would be, and yes, I wore a mask.
I then spray painted the top a solid color. I tried to match the original teal on the legs. It probably used to be aqua but darkened after years of neglect.
Once I got the top color right, I covered the top with a clear, high gloss, water and rust resistant sealant.  I used that same sealant on the legs to preserve the cool, worn, rusted look without fear of further rusting. 
I love the finished product!!


Next, I will be painting the chairs (pictured here) a fun color.  I am thinking a bright orange.  Risky, I know, but super fun!  I really want to go for a modern, South Texas, hacienda feel in our outdoor space. I found six of these chairs on the side of the road a while back.  I am excited to give them a face lift.

Have a fantastic rest of your Monday!

Yours truly and covered in paint,


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