Wednesday, August 28, 2013

COME AND TAKE IT! Beer Pong Table Tutorial

Ok, I was supposed to finish up the outdoor chairs this week and reveal the finished effect, however, I have been lazy and haven't finished them. 

But all is not lost! The Fella and I finally finished our much anticipated (at least by us) homemade beer pong table that was first mentioned here.  Time for the reveal!

Here she blows!
It is regulation size and everything.  We built it for an upcoming party we are having but the two of us broke it in last Saturday night all by our lonesome.  There is something that sounds very sad about a husband and wife being at their home, only the two of them, and having an impromptu beer pong and swim party. But really it was awesome.

And Mr. Man is looking super classy in his cut off Dukes of Hazzard tee shirt left over from college. 
Ok so here is the rundown.
We bought the wood at home depot.  We were originally going to have two pieces of plywood cut down to size and then screw them together to get a little more sturdiness and thickness.  We would then have to sand, prime, paint and seal the wood.
But once inside Home Depot we found this piece of whatever it is….not wood I don’t think…but maybe.  It is the stuff you use to build closet shelves out of and stuff.  And it came already cut down to perfect regulation beer pong table size!  Pre-sanded, painted and sealed!  Amaze balls!
We then bought a table leg kit, also at Home Depot. 

We got home and the Fella did all the measuring and planning.  I then held the table for him whilst he screwed in the legs and stuff.  Harder than it sounds.
We then lightly sanded the top so that I could paint some on designs.

First we measured the triangles out to regulation size.  These are where the cups go. 

I then painted the triangles, canon and star on and the Fella stenciled on the words.  This was brutal because he had to wait for each one to completely dry before he could do the next letter.

The slogan we painted on was first used in the American Revolution but for you non-Texans, this slogan was made most famous for being used on the flag that was flown at the Battle of the Gonzales.  My husband and I are HUGE fans of the story of  the Texas Revolution and it's battles.  We realy love the folklore behind the individuals that fought at the Alamo.
It is so random that this is something we both had in common that started at an early age for us both.  Davey Crockett was my hero big time when I was little.  All those guys had some serious guts.  Myth or not, the well-known story around these parts is truly inspiring.
Anywho that is the background on the design.  We then sealed the paint with a clear, weather-proof sealant.

That's all it took.  Hopefully the table will be a big hit at our up and coming parties.  We shall see.  I WILL finish those darn chairs this week.  I promise to myself! In the meantime, I leave you with this little dandy of a shot of us at the Alamo a few years ago.

Davey Crockett is my boyfriend,



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