Tuesday, August 6, 2013

99 problems and my cats are three....

Today is one of those days where I woke up five minutes before I was supposed to leave the house only to realize that I hadn’t decided on anything to wear the night before.  And in a sheer panic, I ran to my closet and realized that “I have absolutely nothing to wear”!!!  Still half asleep I began to pull garment after garment off of their hangers, causing a helipad effect of spinning, pink felt hangers around my head.  I then proceeded to yank two articles of clothing out of my closet that at least had somewhat of the same color running through them, praying that it would look decent together because once I got it on my body, it would take too much groggy effort to pick something else out and drag it onto said body. 

It was no time to experiment with articles that I had never paired together before.  It was one of those moments when I should have gone straight to my trusty black pencil skirt and one of the tens of tops that would go with black.  But that would be too easy of course.  Instead, I went with a top I have never even worn to the office before and threw it on top of a skirt it had never been paired with previously.  What can I say???  I love a challenge.  I got a quick snap before running out the door. 

Banana Republic Top, J. Crew skirt, Mossimo for Target pumps and a vintage necklace

Not sure how I feel about it but it is growing on me I think.  It has a Victorian lady meets a drop waisted Flapper feel to it.  Anywho that is my OOTD. (outfit of the day) I am sure you all knew what that means already, but it took me like a year to figure it out on Instagram so I thought I will help any of that happen to be behind the times like I am…

Speaking of Instagram…..I have a problem…..

Introducing Lola Meowza

Sir Kittypuss and Hearsay the Cat

All three of my loves snoozing

She is so good at hiding....
And looking important

Not sure if the problem lies within the fact that we collect cats or that I cannot stop Instagraming their cutenss!  I cannot help it.  Look at them! Obvi Lola, my boo, is the star when it comes to the camera.
Have a great day before the hump,
tbg and her baby kitties

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