Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This past weekend the Fella and I took his parents to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.  President Kennedy is a hero of all of ours so it was a must-do. 

The museum is on the floor of the warehouse where the “lone gunman” perched as he shot and assassinated President Kennedy.  The headset tour takes you through the President’s election, family life, presidential impact (civil rights, Bay of Pigs, etc), the trip to Texas, the assassination, the initial investigation, the global impact of his death, later investigations, conspiracy theories and lasting impact.  It is very moving and inspiring to say the least.
What really resonates with me every time I go to the museum is how President Kennedy was a symbol of hope all over the world, not just state side.  He was loved and admired by so many countries and people in places you wouldn’t even imagine were devastated by his death.  It truly is amazing.  I can think of very few people that would have this impact today.  Maybe Oprah.
Anyway, you cannot take pictures anywhere inside the building, but I snapped a few outside. 

The Fella and his Pops on the Grassy Knoll

The In Laws on THE spot that X marks

I know it is morbid to stand on the X that marks the spot where he was first shot, but it is kind of a must-do while visiting Dallas.
A lot of the rest of the weekend was spent eating......

And floating......

I did laps.....

They left on Monday morning and we were sad to see them go.....

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  1. Lol @ you swimming laps :). Your pool looks awesome! I want to come swim.

  2. You swimming laps is hilarious!!