Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So, we have been friends for like a week now.  Time to get better acquainted. 

I am tall.  Like, really tall.  75 inches tall. 
I love fashion.  Like, really love.  I have always been interested in clothes, even if the clothes I would choose to wear didn’t fit into what was “cool” or “in style”.  I don’t really have one particular style.  I am inspired by so many different things that it would be impossible for me to stick to one style.  Each morning I decide on a statement I am going to make that day.  Preppy slouchy to boho professional to Bette Davis in Now Voyager meets Lady Gaga while vacationing in Galveston.  Those combinations make no sense you say?  Oh contraire.
I realized at a young age that people were going to stare at me…because of the 75 inches thing.  So I decided that if they were going to look, I was also going to give them some interesting ensembles to gaze upon. 
Of course I grew up and entered the professional world.  Interesting ensembles are mostly reserved for the weekends, with the exception of a fun necklace here and there.  As my career has taken a much more professional turn over the last year, it has been a challenge to find clothing that fits the long, lankiness that is my body and at the same time looks professional and feminine.   I hope to chronicle some of the challenges and some of the triumphs from time to time here to help my sisters out.
This blog is not a fashion blog and fashion, although one of the great loves of my life, is by no means my only love or even my greatest love.  Over the course of this blog, I hope to introduce you to a few of those other loves as well.
Tip one from this baby giraffe is FIND A TALENTED AND TRUSTWORTHY TAILOR!!!  I cannot stress this enough.  It is hard for anyone, of any size and with any frame to find clothes that fit just right.  A tailor can really be 6'3'' girl's savior.
It is hard to find dresses that are a professional length on a tall frame. I often buy dresses that are far too large because with the larger size comes a longer length.  One of my favorite tricks is to then have that dress taken in by my tailor so that I can maintain the extra length but then also achieve a professional fit.
And example of that would be my Jackie O' dress I posted a picture of last week:

I had this sucker taken in about three sizes a few years back (and now I need to have it let back out a size).  Of course, having a dress taken in is just one exmaple of many things a tailor can do for you....I will bring you more examples in the following weeks. 
In the meantime, remeber, when in doubt...think to yourself, WWJW? 
What Would Jackie Wear?,

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