Thursday, July 18, 2013

Changes for the good......and bad.

Yesterday I mentioned that I would like to use this blog as a way to organize my thoughts.  This past year has been jam-packed for me.  Many bad, really bad, good and really good things have happened and change the landscape of my life.  Although I am sure I will mention a few of the bad from time to time, this is not a pity page and I want to focus on the positive.  Among the many good and the many really good are these: a big change in the direction of my career, my husband and I decided to try to start a family and the most exciting of all….we bought a house.

Ever since my husband and I met, we have been dreaming about owning our first home together.  Six years later, our dream came true.  We got our own little 1960’s, updated slice of Heaven.  We call her our “Heavenly Grass”. 

Here are some pictures that were posted on when the house was for sale. We will call these the befores:



I am so in love. 
Finding a house was much more difficult and emotional than excepted.  Tomorrow I will write a post about the process of finding our perfect, heavenly grass.
Of course we will be making changes, decorating, etc.  I hope to keep track of all of that on here. 
Have a great rest of your Thursday!
Over and out,

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