Friday, July 19, 2013

Bonjour vendredi, si heureux de vous voir!

Hello Friday, I am so happy to see you!

Daily Decolletage
I am welcoming Friday with a little neck fanciness. It may be 100 degrees outside but it's only 65 degrees in my office.

I love Fridays. (collective sigh of duhs heard all around) The fella's birthday was this past Tuesday so we are headed to Lake Granbury to celebrate with a little golf, water sports, wine and family. These are the best kinds of weekends, when everyone is happy and wanting to be adventurous outside. The fella doesn't get much time off work for relaxing so I am so happy to give him a weekend full of the things that he loves to do. 
What I think I look like water skiing:
What I actually look like:
I really hope that Giraffe wasn't harmed in the making of whatever that movie was.....
For anyone who may stumble upon this blog who also frequents Lake Granbury, we are going to check out the new Revolver Brewery. I will post a little recap next week and let you know how it was. I hear they have food trucks and live music on Saturdays. I am all over that like a skiing Giraffe's legs (are all over the place). Did that make sense? 

And I know yesterday I mentioned writing about what we went through while buying our new home.  So you have that to look forward to...a woo hoo for you. 
Have a great Friday!!!

Peace in the Middle East,


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