Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Guest Room Makeover

So here is our guest room as is...or at least as it was over Christmas.  The little red tree is now packed away for another year.  But other than that, it is spot on.

There is so much left to do to it...starting with paint.  I am going to have that room painted by Sunday January 19, 2014 11:59p.m. or so help me I will snort a noodle.
I was thinking Gulf Winds by Behr.  What do you think? 
I think this color will set off my collection of Audubon birds that I am going to hang all over the walls. The curtains will be lowered a bit and the headboard will be raised.
I have a collection of Paris inspired pillows on the bed now.  I didn't plan it...I just happen to buy every Paris inspired pillow I ever see and this is the only place I can put them.
Next, I am having a set of very special Euro shams made by my girl at Peacock Pad for the bed.  She doesn't know this yet.  I guess she does now.  Surprise!!!!!
The shams will be made out of a special fabric from one of my favorite stores in New Orleans, Hazelnut.
Hazelnut is owned by one of the most inspiring people, to me, in this world, Bryan Batt.  He is known for his role on Madmen and has been on Broadway for years.  Well, he has an unbelievable eye for home decor.  His book "Big, Easy Style" never leaves my coffee table. 
He and his partner own Hazelnut together.  Mr. Batt designed a New Orleans themed toile that I am crazy for.  Nola my sweet, Nola.  How I love thee. You can only get it from his store.  I believe I will go with the toile in Magnolia (black)....

But I have not decided.  The Claret may be making a debut in our master bedroom in a few months. 

There is also Cafe au Lait...

And Delphine...
Hhhhmmmm, I can't decide which one for the guest room...what do y'all think?
I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Batt a few years ago and he was fantastic!  His memoir about his growing up with his mother, "She ain't heavy, She's my mother", is hilarious.  Check him out.
Now, what do you think of the paint color and which toile should I go with?
Help, I need someone,


  1. I would love to make you some shams! As for the toile, I like the traditional black and white. I love this!

  2. I agree with Abby, the traditional black will be really lovely with the other pillows that you have. Thanks for the introduction to Bryan Batt! I'll have to check out his decor and memoir.