Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Or as happy as a Monday can be.

Did y'all like the Grammys? What was your fav performance? I liked the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons performance the best.

And of course Bey and Pink are always amazing.

I was really sad that Willie and Company didn't perform well. I love those guys and was pumped to see them. It really seemed like the never rehearsed the performance. I know Willie still has it because I have seen him perform a bunch in the last few years. Poor Kris. He was so out of practice. Merle and Blake sounded great though.

And of course the Macklemore performance was groundbreaking and touching. Madonna was on struggle though wasn't she? It was like she had so much Botox she could barely move her face to sing.

And Ms. Musgraves!!! I love her so much. And she was rocking that itty-bitty skirt. I loved the whole retro, neon cosmic cowboy thing she and her band had going on.

And I must say, anytime you have Sir Paul and Dave Grohl on stage together...I am a happy camper. I am a Beatles freak and I have a major crush on Dave Grohl. I think he is the coolest.

I have not checked out any of the red carpet fashion yet but you can bet I will.

In other news, we had a beautiful weekend. On Saturday, I accompanied 9 other volunteers from the Junior League of Dallas and we took 30 children living at Family Gateway on a outing to Main Event. We bowled, played laser tag, miniature golf and arcade games for 7 hours. I have never been so tired but man, it was a great time. We were each in charge of 3 kids. My dudes were awesome. So sweet, helpful and fun.

I don't talk about Junior League much on here but I must tell you, it has changed my life. I had my doubts going in, but I have never regretted it for one second. I grow and learn so much every time I work with an agency. Look into it!

I was supposed to do some more volunteer stuff on Sunday but it was canceled. Since I had the whole day free and it was over 70 degrees on Sunday, the Fella and I took advantage of it. We did hours of yard work and some little projects around the house that have needed semi warm weather to be executed. More on those later.

I also added some succulents to my new favorite lady/planter.  Love her.

What did you do this weekend? What was your favorite Grammy moment?



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  1. I was in LOVE with Pink last night!!! And on the FAR other side of the spectrum was definitely Madonna. That whole performance was fantastic, but she was just struggle city!!