Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beat the cold

The last couple days have been so dreary. Cold and wet. I know we have it easy right now compared to up north but I still can't help getting in a funk over the weather.

When it is so ugly outside my creativity and motivation suffer. One of the best ways for me to try to snap out of it is by having fun with my wardrobe. Today I am trying to keep out the cold rain but still access the creative outlet clothes provide for me. Here is my tip on staying warm, dry and creative....layer!

Layer 1:
An oxford of some sort and your trustiest leggings or tights.

My oxford is from Banana Republic and my leggings are from American Apparal.  I swear by these leggings.  They are one of the best clothing investments I have ever made.

Layer 2:
A dress that makes you feel good when you wear it.

I love this LBD from Target.  It is work appropriate but also has a fun flirty skirt and pockets.  Top the dress off with rain boots and a fun statement necklace.

Layer 3:
A fun blazer or sweater that you can easily wear and still get some work done.  I chose a graphic standout because of the plain, basic colors underneath.  I wanted to spice it up so I went with this hounds tooth sweater that I have had for years and have worn it with a million combinations. It is kind of my go-to.

Oh...and don't forget a fun umbrella that makes you feel like Mary Poppins when you carry it.

Stay dry my friends,



  1. I definitely prefer wearing skirts or dresses when its raining so my pant hems don't get wet or nasty. Great layering job!

  2. you look so cozy! I have been living in my leggings and sweatshirt for this weather....I like your look better!

  3. You are definitely ready for the crazy weather… Great job on layering and looking sassy