Friday, February 14, 2014

Reliving the glory days

As many of you know, I played college basketball at Kansas State.

Today the Fella and I are heading back to my alma mater for a celebration.

This season is the 10 year anniversary of my junior year team winning the Big 12 championship.  Good times will be had by all.
Saturday night after the reunion festivities, we plan on attempting a good ol’ fashioned pub crawl through Aggieville.  Starting off with an Irish Car Bomb at O’Malleys.  Hopefully I make it at least to Auntie Mae’s for a tarantula.  But I doubt it.  We had some grand times in Aggieville.

However, I can’t help but feel that we will not be up for the challenge quite like we were 8 years ago during my fifth year of college when I finally discovered the amazingness that was pub crawls and keg stands. 
Maybe if I wear one of the following cool outfits, I will be more up for it...

Talk about Flashback Friday.  I liked hats and I was the coolest.

Go State!
Venus Trapped in Mars

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