Monday, February 3, 2014

Supersuck Sunday

Today is a sad day in the Giraffe household. As many of you know, the Fella is a HUGE Denver Broncos fan. He was born and raised just South of Denver and has bled orange and blue since birth.

Most of you also know the craptastic effort the Broncos gave during the Superbowl yesterday. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. They looked like a cruddy college team up against gladiators.  There wasn't one moment of celebration for the Orange.

Now I am a Cowboys fan and always will be but I really rooted for the Broncos this year. It means more to the Fella than it does to me and I wanted to support him, like he does for me when the Texas Rangers play.

I just feel like so much of our time was wasted yesterday. The commercials SUCKED. The halftime show was boring. Bruno is great and all but his song choices for entertaining at the superbowl fell flat. The RHCP's killed it...they were great but were gone after only one song. All in all, it was the worst superbowl I have ever watched.

And we spent all day preparing. That is what gets me. All that build-up to the biggest let down. Oh well. I did get to see my parents and some of my nephews and my little cousin. And eat chili and queso.

So not a total loss.

How was your watching experience?

Yours truly,

a very blue baby giraffe

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