Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Peanut's Pad

Previously, I introduced y'all to my Peanut.  This poor kid was drug to flea markets and thrift stores her ENTIRE life.  She never complained when she was little.  All she needed was a stroller to sit in, french fries to eat and a promise of a new Beanie Baby at the end of the day.

Well is seems that 22 years of watching her grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, great aunt and mother decorate their homes, over and over, has rubbed off on her.  This year is her first year to live alone and she styled her apartment all on her own as well.

The Peanut's pad is this month's Home I Love.

Here is her living space....


Her wall collage is one of my favorites I have seen.  It is special to me also because of the collected memories we share that I see hanging there...

Here is her sweet little dining area...she picked all of the colors and fabrics on her own and I was so impressed with her choices.


She has gotten really good a refinishing furniture...she just did this cute little dresser last week.

I love how colorful, young and fresh her spaced has turned out...just like her.
One proud aunty,


  1. Wow that is so impressive! I love it all! The wall collage is such a cool idea. It all seems to go together perfectly. I hope she is doing well!

  2. Wow love the colors and the wall is awesome!!!