Thursday, August 21, 2014

#projectnursery Part Two!

It has been far too long my friends!  I have been a busy bee.  Since The Sickness subsided around the 5 month mark, I got busy on the nursery, baby showers, planning, parenting classes, etc.

I wanted to share the nursery progress with you.  Not 100% done but about 99% there.  That is until all of my showers are over and I have to find a place to put all the presies.

Click here to see where we left off.....

And here we are today...

The curtains are up!  They were a pain to hang but the Fella pulled it off like a champ.

God bless him.

We still need to make some cute tie-backs and steam the fabric.  Here is the changing table area....still need a changing pad.

And the soon to be full closet...

A few weeks ago, my amazing in-laws took us to one of our favorite places, San Antonio, and we did a little shopping for the baby.

Pomps got her this sweet little chair just like the one I had when I was little.  I have a special plan for this...

The Fella and I both love the story of the Alamo and we were happy to take baby girl on her first trip there..

Wonderful memories.

What do y'all think of the nursery??




  1. I love the gold/flower chair! (the one next to the flower dresser)

  2. I love the nursery. Chic baby decor!! So happy for you!!!