Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's Party Like Gatsby

This past weekend I hosted a bachelorette party for BFF. She is the most wonderful person and I wanted to give her a weekend to remember. Luckily, some other wonderful bestie's chipped in to help this distracted, exhausted preggo lady and with their help, we were able to pull off a fantastic experience.

We kicked Saturday off with champagne and a dress fitting at Lasting Bridal Couture.  The staff was very patient and sweet.

It is a very emotional thing to see your best friend in her wedding dress for the first time.

Next, we headed to brunch at Gloria's. Whenever the bestie is in town she has to have her TexMex fix.  We then spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around my house and soaking up time with girlfriends.

Around 4pm we headed to Ritz-Carlton Dallas were we had a fab suite waiting for us.

This is where my pregnancy brain kicked in. Despite weeks and weeks of planning, crafting, shopping and list making, I still managed to forget a few essentials at home. This sent me into a emotional tail-spin and luckily my gf's were there to calm me down and help me get the suite decorated. They did a fantastic job.

Here is our take on a "Party like Gatsby" bachelorette set-up.

And y'all know me....where there is a party, there is a photo-booth.

And here comes the bride......Boom!

After a few hours of food, games and booze, we headed to The Dram for some more adult bevies and dancing. One good thing about being pregnant was that I was able to be DD and make sure every got around safely.  And here is........

Didn't everyone look fantastic?  They were all such great sports and put real effort into their look.  It was a great time.  Sunday, once the bride roused, we headed to a day at the Ritz Spa.  What an amazing and relaxing experience.  The staff was so accommodating.

It was perfect.  Cheers to my best friend, my special girl, my ace boon, the Bride!

Love you Heat!



*I would also like to say thank you to all the ladies who helped make the day so special.  Y'all know who you are.  The Dram staff, you were so wonderful and worked so hard to make the bride stand out. And to the Ritz staff, who went WAY above and beyond to make this day amazing.  And thanks for the know what I mean.

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